Basic Training

How to Live doTERRA, Share doTERRA, Build doTERRA, or Launch your doTERRA Business!

Complete Each section

Live doTERRA

Learn how to Live a natural doTERRA lifestyle. By using doTERRA products everyday and being familiar with them you will feel the effects of living a natural lifestyle. This section helps you become familiar with each of doTERRA’s product lines.

Share doTERRA

After living doTERRA you will feel the urge to share doTERRA with your friends. When was the last time you went to an amazing restaurant and didn’t tell your friends. We know you told everyone! This section will help you share doTERRA, get your products for free, or earn a nice side or part time income.

Build doTERRA

So you are now a pro at sharing doTERRA? Don’t worry you don’t have to be to make some serious money with doTERRA. This section will help you get up to speed and teaches you how to make doTERRA a full time income. Your boss definitely doesn’t want you click that button…but you know you want to 😉

Launch doTERRA

So you went and quit your job? That sounds like fun! If you click this button we will love you at least as much as your old boss loved you making their dreams come true. This section shows you how to make doTERRA a serious career with serious income. 

Class Tools, Guides, and Materials

Healthy Can be Simple Guide

The Healthy Can Be Simple intro guide is a business tool to introduce new people to doTERRA Essential Oils and their everyday uses. Share an oil sample, write your contact information on the back, and invite them to a class to learn more. This guide is a precurser to inviting to the Natural Solutions Class.

Natural Solutions Class

doTERRA’s flagship class. The Natural Solutions class helps you educate others about the natural, safe, and effective solutions doTERRA offers.  This is the basic class that all of doTERRA success revolves around. Study up and have your upline guide you through it. It is likely you joined doTERRA during this very class.

Class in a Box

The Class in a Box Kit has everything you need to hold a Natural Solutions class. Kit includes 10 Natural Solutions class handouts, 10 Wild Orange oils (5 mL), 10 Living Magazines, a Product Guide, a Live guide, a Share guide, a Build guide, and a Welcome to doTERRA brochure.

Other Training Resources

Other Resources

This section will be updated from time to time with the latest news, tips, and other resources to help you on your doTERRA journey.