Social Media Course

A simple course to help you share and expand your business on social media

This course gives you everything you need to know about using social media to grow your business. You will learn from leaders Hayley Hobson, Elena Brower, Jill Winger, and Keeli Martinez. Each class builds on the one before it, so make sure you are watching each class in order!

Class 1: The Must Knows of Using Social Media

The first class in this course covers high-level information about using social media to grow your doTERRA business.

Class 2: Facebook Fundamentals

Learn how to master your most valuable social media tool—Facebook. This class covers utilizing Facebook Groups, Facebook Lives, and Business Facebook Pages to grow and support your team.

Class 3: Instagram and Imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words! This class will teach you how to use Instagram to tell your story through beautiful imagery and saavy strategy.

Class 4: Strategy for Success

Tie-up your social media studies by learning all about utilizing strategy to grow your online presence.