Learn to Live doTERRA

If you have chosen to share or build doTERRA, chances are you have become familiar with the products and use them daily! They are amazing right! Knowledge and experience with the products is perhaps one of if not the most important aspects of being a successful sharer or builder. By using the products in your daily life you will naturally gain knowledge and experiences that will help you in your journey.

We use the products everyday and we use all of the products! If doTERRA has it we have it. This is beneficial not only to our own lives, but also in our ability to share doTERRA with others. I cannot count how many people have used On Guard Foaming Hand Wash at my house and commented how they love the smell. How easy is it to share with people when they are the ones asking you about it!

It is my advice that if you use a product that is different than what doTERRA sells. Finish it up and then move on to doTERRA’s version so that you have knowledge and experience of what doTERRA is in all aspects. It will also open up so many ways to introduce others to doTERRA, sometimes without any effort!

Remember the people you enroll will emulate and replicate what you do. If you want them to be successful, then you need them to know you believe in the product, and you need them to believe in the product. If they see you use it whenever possible and they use it whenever possible they will believe and stand behind the product. How can you not share a product that you believe in especially if it changes your life!

What do you do now?

Step 1: Visit the Live doTERRA Page
Step 2: Watch the Video
Step 3: Complete the Live Guide
Step 4: Watch the rest of the videos on Live site

It is important that you learn this information. As you enroll doTERRA members you will learn to identify those who are solely product users, sharers, and builders.

You will be guiding those who are solely product users through this same Live Guide.

You will be teaching your sharers and builders to do the same.

Step 5: Learn to Share doTERRA