Sales Guide

An extensive guide to making authentic sales the right way. The doTERRA way.

Learn what it takes to become a top-producing salesperson! As you start your sales journey, use the Sales Guide and its accompanying videos as a guide to develop the traits and skills of a top leader. Selling the doTERRA way is all about serving others by reaching out, listening, and connecting people to the solutions they need. When your primary goal is to help others experience life-changing products, selling feels natural.

The Sales Guide and Videos

Let’s go through each part of the Sales guide

The rest of this page will provide additional support and information to assist you in learning and applying the sales guide. Follow along in the sales guide. These videos and resources are broken down into their correct sections to help you master the sales guide.


Selling the doTERRA way

Embrace Sales

Sales Essentials

Fundamentals of Sales

doTERRA Sales Cycle

Step 1: Connect

Step 2: Invite

Step 3: Introduce

Step 4: Educate

Step 5: Close

Step 6: Enroll

Step 7: Answer Objections

Step 8: Gather Referrals

Step 9: Follow Up

Unlock your Potential and Track Progress

Train Guide/ Get to Silver Guide

After you are familiar with the Sales guide and comfortable with these sales concepts, please move on to the Train Guide.