Learn to Build doTERRA

Now that you have learned all the essentials of Living, Sharing, and Building doTERRA it is time to plan your future success and Launch doTERRA.

The Launch doTERRA page goes through an overall review of what you have learned and then takes you into much more advanced training topics with resources that will help you reach diamond and higher.

Below you will learn how to Launch your doTERRA business most effectively.

What do you do now?

Step 1: Visit the Launch doTERRA page
Step 2: Watch the Video
Step 3: Complete the Launch Guide
Step 4: Complete the Prepare, Invite, Present, Enroll, Support, and Bonus Training sections
Step 5: Watch the rest of the videos on the site

It is important to learn this information as it will assist you in being successful in doTERRA.

Remember the amount of knowledge you have and are willing to gain is directly correlated to the amount of success you will achieve.

Step 6: Check back to the training sections often to see if more training information has been posted
Step 7: Preparation only gets you so far. Get out there, Share and Build even if you don’t feel 100% ready!