Launch your Business Course

An extensive guide to Launching your doTERRA Business.

Welcome and congratulations on choosing to launch your doTERRA business. 

You may be wondering where to start. What should you do first? How do you find customers? And how exactly do you find people to build your business with you? During this online training course, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully start your doTERRA business. Start with Module #1, and get ready for lift off.

The Launch Guide and Videos

The Launch Course

The Launch Course contains 4 modules that will help you confidently launch your business. Start in module 1 and continue until you have completed all 4.

Module 1: 5 Simple Steps to Building a successful Business

Top leaders reveal the simple and effective steps to building a successful business. You will learn the fundamental framework—PIPES—which will be your recipe for success.


Step 1: Prepare to Launch your Business

To be successful, you need to organize and prepare properly. These videos will help you align your mindset and goals to your new business opportunity, schedule your time, and use the Success Tracker to find people who need doTERRA products.

Get the SUCCESS TRACKER HERE now so you can more effectively invite people to your classes to change their lives with doTERRA essential oils!

Step 2: Find the Right People, Know What to Say

Inviting is the first step to changing lives. These videos will teach you how to make your invitations simple and authentic, which ultimately makes them more effective and fruitful. 

Download the Share guide below for more tips on inviting

The Healthy Can Be Simple Booklet is an excellent tool for inviting

Step 3: Hold Classes to Present the Message

You’ve prepared and scheduled your time wisely, and you’ve invited people to come to a class, so now what? Are you wondering where to host it? How to prepare and set up? How long it should be? What to talk about? How to make it an experience? How to book your next class? These videos will answer all those questions and more.

Step 4: Enroll Successfully to Change Lives

In these videos, you’ll learn questions and phrases you can use to help guide people through enrolling and choosing the kit that is best for them and their family. You never need to feel awkward or pushy. Sharing doTERRA products is simply connecting people to the solutions they need to live healthier and happier lives.

Step 5: Support Customers and Build Residual Income

First things first, every person you enroll needs a Lifestyle Overview. Watch a full Lifestyle Overview role-played to increase your confidence in having this conversation with your new members. Download or purchase the Live guide so you’re ready to hold Lifestyle Overviews and help people make the most of their membership with the Loyalty Rewards program.

Module 2: Expert Tips to Earning More with doTERRA

Experts share their tips to help you start earning money and strategize for the long-term.

Expert Tips

It’s time to learn about financial freedom. These videos will teach you more about the compensation plan, explain how to make money and build residual income with doTERRA, and encourage you to keep your sights on the next rank.

Module 3: Secrets to Running a Smooth Business

Learn business hacks to work smarter and keep your business running smoothly.

Running a Smooth Business

Running your own business is a big commitment, and your back office is a powerful resource to help you stay organized. Learn how to leverage it to keep things running smoothly as your business grows.

Module 4: Masterfully Market your Business using Social Media

Social media experts teach you how to use various platforms to expand your reach and launch your business online.

Master Social Media

You already know that social media is a great tool to share doTERRA essential oils and promote a wellness lifestyle. Learn from social media experts exactly how to use this tool to brand yourself, build your business, and find more customers.

Sales Guide/ Get to Elite Guide

After you have completed the Launch your Business course and are familiar with its concepts, please move on to the Sales Guide.