Learn to Share doTERRA

Now that you have replaced your toxic and less effective products with doTERRA you are undoubtedly excited to show your friends how amazing they are right! I know I still am! Since you have been using them every day you have also gained knowledge and experience and are better able to share these amazing essential oils with others.

Sharing doTERRA is so simple and easy to do. Most of us would share doTERRA even if we didn’t get anything in return for doing so. However, by sharing we are able to get our own doTERRA for free as well as see the positive benefits in others lives.

doTERRA is based on sharing the essential oils. If you are working your way through the training it means you have probably met with your sponsor and have had a discussion about your goals in doTERRA. They will have discussed helping you host an event similar to the one you attended when you first enrolled with doTERRA.

Below you will learn how to share doTERRA most effectively.

What do you do now?

Step 1: Visit the Share doTERRA page
Step 2: Watch the Video
Step 3: Complete the Share Guide

It is important that you learn this information. As you enroll doTERRA members you will learn to identify those who are solely product users, sharers, and builders.

You will be teaching your sharers and builders to teach this information.

Step 4: Learn to Build doTERRA