doTERRA Fast Start Bonus

Fast start bonuses are paid on all orders made by the person you share with for their first
60 days. If you enroll Bob you will make 20% commission from his orders for 60 days.
He will make 20% from Sarah’s for her first 60 days and you will make 10%.
Sarah will make 20% from Jessica’s, Bob will make 10%, and you will make 5%.
After 60 days you graduate to the Unilevel Commission plan!

doTERRA Power of Three Bonus

doTERRA’s Power of Three bonus is one of the fastest ways to make serious income with doTERRA. It is straightforward and simple. You share with at least three others and have a total of 600 pv in the group, and you earn $50. You help them share with three each and you earn $250 and they earn $50. Then simply teach them to repeat the process and they help their three to share with three and you earn $1,500, they earn $250, and their three earn $50. The reason this system is so successful is it teaches replication and simplification. Your downline learns that they don’t have to do everything. They simply find three and teach their downline to find three. Below is a graphic displaying each step.

doTERRA Unilevel Plan

Once 60 days have passed all of your downline will graduate into the Unilevel plan. doTERRA’s unilevel plan is the industry’s best. Most unilevel plans start with the largest commission percentages on top levels and then decrease as the levels go deeper. doTERRA’s unilevel commissions increase with each level. This means you earn more money at the deeper levels where the majority of your people are. This means more earnings for you. doTERRA also  pays out several bonuses after the rank of Silver!

Simply put you get paid 2% on your first level. 3% on your second. 5% on your third and so on following the graphic.

As you rank up there are some requirements you must meet which are listed on the graphic in the leg requirements section.

Don’t get overwhelmed looking at the graphic. Concentrate on the power of three bonus and structuring your business according to the power of three bonus and you will be qualifying for ranks in no time.


The dōTERRA® business opportunity is robust and growing. While the vast majority of Wellness Advocates are
focused on the use of essential oils for the benefit of their family and friends, for those that want to develop
a profitable business by actively working to grow and achieve leadership ranks, there is a significant earnings
opportunity as noted below. Of course, each Wellness Advocate’s results will depend on the time and effort
they put into building their own dōTERRA business.